HBPW 2015 Annual Report
Since 2009, I've worked with Boileau Communications Management LLC to design and develop unique, interactive annual reports for the Holland Board of Public works. Have a look at some of the screen shots below or visit the site at annualreports.hollandbpw.com/annualreport2015
CGE Energy
CGE Energy is great example of a modular, customizeable website. Partnering with Boileau Communications Management, we were tasked with building a website where nearly every block of copy could be moved, rearranged and customized via a simple, intuitive CMS.
Leisure Living Management
Our work with Leisure Living Management, one of our regions largest senior living management companies, was one of our largest projects to date. It consisted of a complete redesign of their corporate website as well as a launch of a large multi-site WordPress project. Visit the corporate site at http://leisure-living.com.
HBPW Annual Report 2014
This site was the fifth consecutive online, interactive annual report I've had the privilege on working with Boileau Communications Management to create. Our goals are always to tell the compelling and true story about a great municipal utility. Visit the site at http://annualreports.hollandbpw.com/annualreport2014.
The Curragh Irish Pub
The Curragh approached us in late 2014 about an update to their website. Their current site was built on WordPress, and they were keen to keep using the same system. While we stayed with the WordPress system, we rebuilt the site from the ground up: a new strategy, new architecture and a fresh theme with stunning photography brought the site to life.
Boileau Communications Website
While working at Boileau Commucations Management LLC last year, I mangaed strategy, designed and developed the company's portoflio and corporate website.
HBPW 2013 Interactive Annual Report
Since 2009, the Holland BPW has invested in innovative and beautiful annual reports that talk about more than simple numbers. Annual Reports for the HBPW tell complete stories.
Project-Based Learning
Working with Boileau Communications Management, I was asked to create a information graphic that illustrated the complex relationships between concepts related to the Collaboration for Teaching and Learning's "Project-Based Learning" model.
Trouble Free Lighting
Trouble Free Lighting is a new, innovative lighting manufacturer based on Holland, MI. Trouble Free Lighting approached me a couple of years ago to create a new brand, logo, and web presence for the company.
P21: Power for the 21st Century Initiative Website
Working with the Holland Board of Public Works and Boileau Communications Management LLC, we put together a WordPress site to help communicate crucial information about Holland, MI's power needs to the community.
Perrigo Careers Portal
Working with Boileau Communications Management LLC, we were thrilled when Perrigo approached us to help them develop an interactive careers portal to help them recruit top talent all around the world.
iPad Apps for Partners In Dental Care
One of our most enjoyable projects, Partners In Dental Care asked us in collaboration with Boileau Communications Management to develop a series of specialized iPad apps to help their patients learn about dental health while waiting for their appointments.
Partners In Dental Care Website
Collaborating with Boileau Communications Management LLC, we managed the graphic design and ExpressionEngine development for this informational website for a mid-sized dental practice in Grand Rapids, MI.
Infantryman's Challenge Identity and Website
Infantryman's Challenge is a military-themed adventure race start up. They came to us needing a new graphic identity and web presence. The client needed the website to be easy to update and dynamic to make space for upcoming events and news updates. We chose WordPress for the project.
Community Foundation of the Holland/Zeeland Area Site
The Communtiy Foundation had a dated wesite, and was looking for a fresher design and a more effective information architecture. We partnered with Boileau Communications Management LLC to help the Community Foundation develop a new vision for their site.
Coastal Container Website
Working with Boileau Communications Management LLC, we developed this ExpressionEngine site for Coastal Container.
Lakeshore Advantage Website
Assisting Boileau Communications Management, we helped Lakeshore Advantage produce a fresh new graphic design, information architecture and content for their aging website. The new site features a sortable matrix of their past work, and shows off stunning photography of the community.
Royal Technologies Website
Combined with a total company rebrand, we worked with Boileau Communications Management LLC to put together a new website.
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